July 31 Announcements

Prayers are requested for the family of Tish Thomas in the loss of her great-nephew, Charles. He was killed in a crop dusting accident.

Winne Roberts had an MRI which ruled out a stroke, but doctors believe it may
show dementia. Keep her in your prayers.

Ray Leonard had tests in Little Rock this past week—prayers for good results.

Parker Simmons had a 4-wheeler accident. There were no broken bones, but bruises and soreness.

Sandra Higgins saw the doctor about her knee and will see the dentist about her
tooth in August.

Paula Wilson Will see Dr. Brad Thomas (Neurosurgeon) on August 10th.

Candice Carter is at home, but has to continue to go to hospital - Please pray for
her healing and comfort.

Rena Doshier (Sandra Baker’s sister-in-law) will have surgery. Please keep her and those tending to her in your prayers.

Tom Baker received great news concerning his lymphoma - the doctors said they
considered him in remission. Be sure to remember to thank God in your prayers
for this encouraging news!

Carolyn Cook’s health has improved. Another reason to thank God!

The Elders’ Message Box is located in the Library—more details to come.

All the Youth are invited to join in the group photo that will be in the Billie Football Program this year. The photo will take place at the Monticello Football Field on August 4th, at 7:30 p.m.

Best Choice labels are still being collected. Place the UPC labels from Best Choice products in the box in room 134. The proceeds go to the Paragould Children’s Home.