Nov 6 Announcements

Paula Wilson began her trial on November2nd - if it relieves the pain it will turn to a permanent solution.

Ann Bolden has been battling colon cancer and has been moved to hospice.

Gary Fletcher’s hernia surgery has been postponed.

Candace Carter is still undergoing treatments.

Marty Baker will meet with a neurologists at the Mayo clinic on November 11th (if not sooner), but he has received a confirmed diagnosis.

Jerry Lawrence has stage 4 lung cancer.

Sandra Higgins is awaiting to have some work on her teeth done.

Keep Lori Smith’s (Cheryl Shirley) pregnancy in your prayers that she and the baby remain healthy.

Benita Forrest is managing her own health issues while trying to care for others - this can be a stressful ordeal. Pray for her comfort.

Turner Roberts had another surgery on his hand.

It is that time of year that illness seems to be rampant .