Nov 20 Announcements

Ray Leonard is in the hospital with COVID and pneumonia.

Neil Wilson was involved in an accident involving his brain. There is a long road ahead, but he is showing some positive signs of recovery.

Rhea (friend of Fern Baker), Justin billings (husband) & Mason Billings were in a car accident. Mason will bein a wheelchair and Rhea will be having multiple surgeries (the extent of Justin’s injuries are unknown. Rhea’s mom, Leisha Sowheaver, passed away in the accident.

Congratulations to Michelle Bailey (grandmother) and Cheryl Shirey (great aunt) on the birth of Delilah Maeve Bailey (6 lbs 9 oz, 18.5 in long), born October 25th to Cody & Kristen Bailey.

Wayne Upshaw (Sandra Higgins’ Brother) passed away, services were Thursday (11/17).

Opal Crowe passed away

Skip Davey passed Wednesday, (11/16).

J.L. May (Becky Rice) is having eye surgery

Linda Bates is doing much better.

Sawyer Tannehill is bruised after his fall last Sunday

Roger Harris has a chronic cough and is waiting to see a specialist

Benita Forrest has contracted the flu while trying to care for others - this can be a stressful ordeal. Pray for her comfort.

Jacque Davison is fighting a severe sinus infection.

Levi Daris has stage 4 cancer and pneumonia and is in the hospital.

Paula Wilson meets with her doctor on November 23rd discuss the spinal cord stimulation surgery

Eddie Calvert is in the hospital with issues from the previous hospital stay.

Ann Bolden has been battling colon cancer and has been moved to hospice.

Candace Carter is still undergoing treatments and is having a procedure

Winnie Roberts is in need of prayers.

Marty Baker has started treatments, which will continue for the next few months.

Jerry Lawrence has been taken him off the experimental drug - remember his family.

Judy Beard has received a diagnosis for a type of eye disease. Pray that the effects of this dis-ease are delayed as long as possible.

Keep Lori Smith’s (Cheryl Shirley) pregnancy in your prayers that she and the baby remain healthy.