Let them smell the altar smoke

Everywhere Abraham went with his family, he worshipped God (e.g., Gen-esis 12:7-8; 13:4; 21:33). You could trace his journeys by the smoke of his altars. Then study the life of Isaac and we find the same thing characterized him (Genesis 26:25).
Similarly, how encouraging it must be for Christian parents to see their children establish their own homes and begin immediately with family de-votions. Families should read their Bibles together. The home must contain food for the soul as well as food for the body (1 Peter 2:1-2; Matthew 5:6). Families should pray together. It is still true that families who pray together stay together. Now is the time to engage in regular family devotions (Deuteronomy 4:5—10; 6:6-9; cf. Jeremiah 10:25).
Let us all daily repeat “the parent’s prayer”—“Teach us what we shall do unto the child” (Judges 13:8)–and use every opportunity to plant gospel seeds in our children’s fertile hearts.