may 28 announcements

 Remember the family of Linda Bates
 Lyndell Baker is dealing with some healh issues
 Sharon Eppes (Rickey Eppes’ Wife) her only remaining
kidney is functioning at 20%.
 Rita Stiles is improving but still in need of prayers
 Acacia May (Becky Rice) is waiting on surgeries, so she
is still in pain
 Lynn Burton is in Rehab in Sherwood, AR
 Philip Colvin had two stints put in for heart blockage
and is at home recovering.
 Meredith Harrison is having surgery to remove cancer
on May 30th.
 Menon Griffin tweaked her back when she bent over to
pick something up
 Remember the Youth and recent graduates w/ all the
upcoming Summer activities and travel.
 Tami Robinson (Calvin Jones sister) has been diagnosed
with cancer
 Benita Forrest will meet with a specialist in June