Nov 5th Announcements

 Ricky Naron has been put on hospice

 Billy Smith (Carolyn Ashcraft’s brother) had open heart sur-
gery Friday

 Shawn Curtis is at home sick
 Dorothy Foster (Betty McGuire’s caregiver) has been placed
under hospice care
 Erma Dean Fletcher is having heart issues
 Sandra Higgins will have cataract surgery Nov 9th
 Tommy Free is suffering from mini-strokes
 Jessi Baker (Fern Baker) is recovering from injuries
 Laverne Potter is at Lake Village undergoing rehab
 Michael & Daphne Fuqua continue to need prayers after
daughter, Marlene, passed

 Acacia May (Becky Rice) is feeling better and has a plan for-

 Kelly Koonce has undergoing treatments
 Dale & Diana Bates are need prayers concerning their health.

 Continue to remember Donnie & Janice Wright
 Tami Robinson (Calvin Jones sister) has been diagnosed with
 Grady Rawl is recovering from a stroke
 Rita Stiles continues to have health issues
 Candace Carter is having issues with her meds
 Joel Thompson has pancreatitis
 Benita Forrest is still in need of prayers