Nov 19 Announcements

 Ricky Naron has been put on hospice
 Billy Smith (Carolyn Ashcraft’s brother) is home recovering
 Thomas Stevens is home recovering
 Chester Ashcraft is in the hospital
 Shawn Curtis is recovering from tricep surgery
 Don Riddle (Mandy Tolbert’s Uncle) is having heart surgery

 Jerry Tolbert (Brad Tolbert’s father) is having shoulder sur-

 Sandra Higgins is recovering from cataract surgery

 Acacia May (Becky Rice) is feeling better and has a plan for-

 Kelly Koonce has undergoing treatments
 Jill Jackson (Barbara Newton) is will have rotator cuff surgery
on Nov 29th
 Dale & Diana Bates are need prayers concerning their health.
 Continue to remember Donnie & Janice Wright