Feb 11 Announcements

 Tony Beard passed away Monday - his memorial will be Feb.
10th, at 10 am at the Monticello Church of Christ building
 Brad Tolbert’s surgery was successful and he will continue
with treatments and rehab
 Fran Calvart will begin treatments
 Jone Baldridge (Janet Staudinger’s sister) is having issues
with her kidneys.
 Janice Wright is not doing well
 Barbara Newton is recovering from surgery
 Allie Cooper’s cancer has returned
 Acacia May (Becky Rice’s niece) was taken to the hospital
with breathing issues
 Jude Purvis (Fern Baker’s mother) has started new meds and
will see a cardiologist Feb 16th.
 Jamie Edwards (Fern Baker’s brother-in-law) has started