May 5 Announcements

 Barbara Durham is at home recovering after hospital stay to
treat stomach ulcers.
 Brad Tolbert - Continue to pray for him as he undergoes

 Ray Leonard is recovering from procedure to remove block-
age in his leg.

 Judy Purvis (Fern Baker’s mother) is at home. She has a Pet
scan next and they are doing a biopsy on her lung.
 Jamie Edwards (Fern Baker’s brother-in-law) is doing better.
He will get a scan to see if chemo helped.
 Becky Colvin is at home recuperating from a kidney stone
 Jerry Tolbert (Brad’s Dad) has prostate cancer.
 A. J. Meier, (Jason’s grandfather, Monty’s father) passed
away. Memorial gathering was yesterday.
 Continue to remember Donnie & Janice Wright.
 Continue to remember Rita Stiles.

 Elizabeth Phillips has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Bone Can-

 Ike Rochell is not improving after his treatments for liver

 Andy Boykin needs prayers concerning his cancer treat-

 Allie Cooper’s cancer has returned.
 Acacia May (Becky Rice’s niece) spent this past week at
Mayo Clinic going through tests.
 John Riddle (Mandy Tolbert’s father) is recuperating from
eye and back surgeries.
 Kaden Tolbert (Brad’s nephew) is recuperating from surgery
to repair a broken arm.
 Lathan Stringer is in critical condition after injuries sustained
in a bull riding accident.