We all face disappointment in our lives. One type of disappointment that is often the

hardest to deal with is disappointment in other people’s decisions.

Jesus faced disappointments during his earthly ministry. One example, the story of the

rich young man, stands out. In Mark 10:17-31 we see this story unfold. The interaction with the

young man starts off so well, and so full of promise. He greets Jesus with great respect. “As He

was setting out on a journey, a man ran up to Him and knelt before Him, and asked Him, “Good

Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” (Mark 10:17). Jesus talks to the young man

who seems to be a sincere, good, honest man who is genuine in his desire to do God’s will.

This particular passage says something that really stands out. “Looking at him, Jesus felt

a love for him and said to him,…” (Mark 10:21). The people that we are often hurt by the most,

or are disappointed by the most, are those that we care about the most. A spouse, child, family

member, or friend can impact us more profoundly and deeply than any stranger. Jesus cared for

this young man, He looked at him and loved him.

The young man came seeking the truth, but could not handle the answer that he received.

How often do we see good people, who seem genuine in their desire to know more about God,

turn away when they don’t like the answers they hear? Like Jesus, we can show the love of

Christ and teach people the truth about God’s word, but it’s up to them to decide how to respond.

I think that may be why this is so hard. We don’t have control. We feel powerless and often feel

there is nothing we can do. However, we can continue to love, we can continue to teach, we can

continue to pray. ~ Brad Tolbert