In a visit with an individual this past week, I was asked why there seems to be such a
“gap” between the church and denominational organizations. We shared a little of our belief and
at first, it seems that we do believe in the same things: that Jesus is the Son of God and that Jesus
is the way, the truth and the life. We also agreed that there are some differences regarding our
religious teaching that may appear to be of no consequence, but on further examination, should
prove quite the contrary. And that is where the division in religion becomes significant.
It is easy to slide into a way of thinking that all “religious” folks are doing what is right
and if they believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then we must all think the same. But, when we
spend time in God’s Word we begin to recognize that there are significant differences that will
(according to the Lord) determine salvation on Judgment Day.
Our Summer Series, “What Is the Church All About?” begins Wednesday evening, June
7. This theme has been chosen specifically in an effort to help us better understand the Lord’s
church and its intent, according to God. We have scheduled six area preachers to speak on the
church from Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus. Ricky Epps, minister of the church in
McGehee will be our first speaker and he will be speaking on the theme, “What Is the Church
All About?” We will also be having speakers from our own congregation sharing some basic
thoughts on the church. These speakers include our elders and some of our younger leaders. I
hope you will make plans to be in attendance each Wednesday to encourage these speakers in
their work, but also to be reminded of the reason for the Lord’s church and its uniqueness.
I would like to ask that as we enter into this Summer Series, that you spend some time in
prayer for each of the speakers (a list of speakers may be found on the inside of this bulletin) as
they make preparation to speak and that they may speak “as it were, the utterances of God; …”
(1 Peter 4:11). Pray that we may be used by the Lord to invite others in to hear the “truth” of
God’s Word. And then be sure to pray that we, ourselves, may open our ears and hearts to the
truths that will be taught throughout this series.
Of course, part of our Summer Series includes Vacation Bible School, June 12-15. The
theme this year is “Trailblazers for the Faith”. Pray for our teachers as they make final
preparations for teaching the children from God’s Word. Make sure you plan to attend each
evening of VBS and be sure to invite someone to come along with you. ~P. Mowrer