I woke up the other morning with the song, “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” on my mind.
(Don’t ask, because I have absolutely no idea why, but once a song is in my head it is usually
there for a time.) So, while whistling the tune, I began to think about the last few words,
“...drifting along with a tumbling tumbleweed.” I don’t know much about a tumbleweed, except
that it pretty much goes in whatever direction the wind may blow.
I have had the experience of canoeing a river before (take the leap) and if allowed, the
canoe is pretty much like the tumbleweed, going in whatever direction the current may go. That
isn’t always a bad way to go, but then again, you may find yourself battling rapids, rocks, or
spending a lot of time under overhanging branches from trees along the river bank. Me, I like to
have a little control as to the speed and direction of the canoe.
Consider the direction of our lives from day to day. Some are pretty much like the song
of the tumbleweeds, “...cares of the past are behind, nowhere to go but I'll find, just where the
trail will wind…” Sadly, I fear that too many Christians live their lives in just such a way.
Taking each day as it comes, with the hope that at the end of life’s journey they will be at
Heaven’s Gate and hearing their name called as faithful servants. I like that thought too, because
it allows us to live the way we choose, not concerned about our influence for others, or the
impact our decisions may have on us and our families. It is truly the road of least resistance.
But, brothers and sisters, that is not a theme that is found in the Bible. Jesus teaches that
there are two ways: the broad (and easy) way and the narrow (difficult) way (Matthew 7:13-14;
Luke 13:24), and the foundation built on the rock and the foundation on sand (Mt. 7:24-27). He
also teaches the necessity of “seeking” out God’s way: seek first His kingdom (Mt. 6:33), seek
and you shall find (Mt. 7:7), and seeking fine pearls like a merchant (Mt. 13:45). The Greek
word translated “to seek” is often used to indicate a continual seeking and not a one-time event.
Seeking after the things of God should become a priority in our lives as Christians.
Heaven is not going to be a “chance” destination. It is a destination that takes much
effort, in a life that is filled with rapids, rocks and overhanging tree branches, just waiting to
upset the unsuspecting Christian. Don’t live your lives drifting along with a tumbling
tumbleweed, or as a canoe downstream without a paddle. “Be diligent to be found by Him…” (2
Peter 3:4), by seeking God’s way according to His Word! ~ Paul Mowrer