A Week to Remember!

Yes, another Vacation Bible School come and gone. Wasn’t it just yesterday when
teachers were getting their assignments and plans began to be made to decorate the building in
the theme of “Trailblazing…”? And in such a short period of time, everything is back to
“normal”. A great big THANK YOU to all who made the week a very special week for so many.
Gramps, Caleb and Amelia started us off each evening, sending us to classes where lives of
faithful men were shared with our children. Craft time and refreshment time were big hits for the
kids and what VBS would be complete without Booster. We don’t have the space to list
everyone’s names, but know that you are greatly appreciated for the role you played each
evening. We had a high attendance of 76 children for the week, 50 adult workers and an adult
class that maxed out at 23. Thank you to Chris and Leah for all the work they put into organizing
VBS this year. And a very special thank you to our children for their efforts inviting friends to
join us for VBS.
As we move on from a very successful VBS, I challenge each of us to continue with the
efforts which made the past week such a special week.
1) Since moving to Monticello 10 years ago, I have been awed by the efforts made in room and
auditorium decorations. Whether transforming from temple ruins, a secluded island or to a
wagon train campfire, you are to be commended for the work preparing for the week. Now, what
if we put in the same effort teaching from week to week? Whether in room decorations or
classroom teaching, imagine the impact on our children as they hear (and see) God’s Word come
to life! Let’s let our children know that each and every Bible class is a special time to learn about
2) We always make extra effort to invite friends and family to our VBS and other special
meetings throughout the year. But what would happen if each of us would put a little more effort
inviting the same friends and family to worship with us each Sunday or Bible class on
Wednesday evenings? Is not our worship on Sunday just as important as other meeting times?
Let’s “go into all the world… (aka highways and hedges, Lk. 14:23)” seeking out those who
need to know the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ!
3) It has been a joy to see so many get involved helping in whatever ways needed to make VBS a
success. When we have “...the mind to work…” (Neh. 4:6), then good things will always take
place. Use this week as a catalyst for becoming more involved in the daily working of the
church. When all of us are working together, then we are working to grow into the body the Lord
wants us to be while shining a bright light for Monticello to see!